RCMwebcollageRedemption Church Miami began in the Spring of 2014, when the Taylor family moved to Miami in order to start a gospel-centered church in the beautiful community of Little Haiti. To spread the word, the Taylor’s had regular cookouts at their house so that they could meet their neighbors and build friendships. After 6 months of cookouts RCM began to meet in the Taylor home every Sunday night in order to share a meal, study the Bible, pray, and sing.

By God’s grace more and more folks responded and our little Church grew! In order to facilitate this new growth we started meeting every Sunday morning at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Since that time we have seen several folks enter into new life with Christ, mature in their faith, and step out on mission to reach their friends, families and neighbors.

Our church is named Redemption Church Miami. We named it this for one simple reason. We are a church in Miami that is about joining God in his great work of redemption in this great city.

We are not alone in this endeavor—but are connected with, and accountable to, many other gospel-centered churches throughout this country. We belong to a network of churches called Sojourn Network and are working in partnership with the North American Mission Board. These partnerships have been invaluable! Read all about Sojourn Network here.

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